About Moonchildreams

Ciao, my name is Sara and I am a digital illustrator from Italy.


Growing up I had two big passion: the first was to draw, create and let my imagination run free via any medium I could put my hands on; the second was to drive my parents crazy with endless questions about the world, nature, and most of all themselves.

I’ve always loved learning about people, their inner world and what makes their eyes sparkle.

It took me years to figure out how to put these two passions together, but I am finally living my dream.
For the past 5 years I’ve worked as a freelance illustrator, telling my clients stories through my art.
I am currently mainly focusing on creating custom avatars for creative business owners and content creators.

I like to think of my avatars as a small window from which you can peak into my clients worlds, their brands and their biggest passions.

In the past five years I’ve worked with over 300 clients, and besides the avatars I’ve created children’s books illustrations, couple and family portraits, sticker designs and other illustrated branding elements.

My art style reflects the way I look at the world: I’m an optimist at heart, forever curious about what’s around me, in love with anything colorful, bright and whimsical.